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Our grey herdsires are
all AOBA National Blue Ribbon winners

Snowmass Incan Silver
  • 1st - 2008 AOBA National Halter
  • 2nd - 2008 AOBA National Fleece

Snowmass Incan Silver ~ Reference Sire

Incan Magic x Snowmass Nova’s Nisha

Incan Silver’s well-organized crimp, wonderful fineness and physical style first attracted us. Then we watched him take the blue ribbon at the 2008 Nationals over males that had been winning across the county and knew he would be a great addition to our herd. We had studied the Snowmass grey program for years, and kept coming back to the name Incan Magic, a grey Peruvian with vicunya-type fineness. But 30 years’ breeding experience tells us that in a prospective herdsire, the dam line must be just as strong. When we saw that Incan Silver’s dam is the incredible Nisha, who has a top notch pedigree and sold for $75,000, we knew he had the horsepower to suit our program.

  • 2006 MFD 16.2, SD 5.2, CV 31.9, <30% 2.5
  • 2007 MFD 18.8, SD 4.6, CV 24.5, <30% 2.2
  • 2009 MFD 20.3, SD 4.6, CV 22.8, <30% 3.2

Snowmass Incan Silver shorn
Snowmass Incan Silver fiber crimp
Fiber crimp
Snowmass Incan Silver 2008 AOBA
2008 AOBA
ARI certificate for Snowmass Incan Silver
Snowmass Incan Silver’s fiber

GNLC Electra


GNLC Swoon

GNLC Miramae

GNLC Excelerator

MKC Miami Vice
  • 1st - 2008 Futurity
  • 1st - 2008 AWE
  • 1st & Reserve Color - 2008 Pasco
  • 1st - 2008 AOBA National Halter
  • 2nd - 2008 Alpacapalooza
  • 2nd - 2009 Alpacapalooza
  • 1st & Reserve Color - 2009 Great Western

MKC Miami Vice ~ Reference Sire

Emerald Farm’s Orlando Cloud x Siera

At the 2008 AOBA National Show in Salt Lake City we were on the lookout for a new junior herdsire. MKC Miami Vice caught our eye even before he stood at the head of his class. In winning the AOBA blue ribbon he also won us over. Being an Orlando Cloud son was mere icing on the cake. The fiber on Vice has that elusive but unmistakable “wow” factor that snaps your heart and head into synch. On this guy there’s no ignoring it, and the judges agree – he’s piled up a lot more ribbons since that first day including 2009 Reserve Color Champion at Denver’s Great Western Show, the biggest show last year.

  • 2009 MFD 19.5, SD 4.6, CV 23.8%, >30 microns 4%
ARI for MKC Miami Vice
Miami Vice has exceptional bundling, crimp, brightness
Miami Vice has exceptional bundling, crimp, brightness

At 2009 Great Western

MKC Miami Vice Crias

Cria Fiber 1
Cria Fiber
Cria Fiber 2
Cria Fiber
Cria Fiber 3
Cria Fiber
Cria Fiber 4
Cria Fiber
GNLC Accolade
GNLC Accolade
GNLC Hendrix
GNLC Hendrix
GNLC Truffles
GNLC Truffles
GNLC Pura Vida
GNLC Pura Vida
GNLC Scooter
GNLC Scooter
GNLC Shameless
GNLC Shameless
GNLC Sugaree
GNLC Sugaree

Snowmass Sterling Silver
  • 1st - 2003 AWE Halter
  • 1st - 2004 AWE Fleece
  • 1st - 2004 AWE Halter
  • Champion - 2004 AWE Halter
  • 1st - 2004 AOBA National Halter
  • 2nd - 2005 AWE Fleece
  • 1st - 2005 AOBA National Fleece

Snowmass Sterling Silver ~ Reference Sire

Snowmass Peruvian Casanova x Panam’s Chilean Rose

There has never been a more influential grey line than that of Sterling’s sire, Casanova, and Bueno, his grandsire. Bred and proven in the show ring by Snowmass Alpacas, and confirmed by years of fiber testing, Sterling Silver has been judged “the ideal in grey alpaca production.”

At AWE’s 2002 show and seminar with Mike Safely, Maggie Krieger, Julio Sumar, Alonso Burgos and others, he was lined up with all champions during a presentation on breeding Elite alpacas. The esteemed judges and textile experts pronounced Sterling Silver simply “one of a kind,” the epitome of a grey stud. The evenness of his fineness, his astounding density and uniformity were the best they had ever seen in a grey, and they recommended Sterling Silver as THE stud for the discerning grey breeder.

This potent foundation sire passed away peacefully in Winter 2012, leaving exquisite progeny to carry on his legendary line.

  • 2002 AFD 18.6, SD 4.0, CV 21.5, >30% 1.3
  • 2003 AFD 19.4, SD 4.2, CV 21.4, >30% 2.4
  • 2004 AFD 20.0, SD 4.6, CV 23.0, >30% 3.5
  • 2005 AFD 22.8, SD 5.3, CV 23.1, >30% 8.8 curv 45.3
  • 2006 GRID 21.6, SD 5.1, CV 23.6, >30% 6.6 curv 46.0
  • 2007 GRID 23.1, SD 5.0, CV 21.8, >30% 8.0 curv 45.0
ARI certificate for Snowmass Sterling Silver
Snowmass Sterling Silver fiber at 2 years
Fiber at 2 yrs.

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